Attention To The Maintenance Fruit Branch Shears


Fruit branch shears are a kind of garden tools, which c […]

Fruit branch shears are a kind of garden tools, which can be used in many fruit tree pruning. It brings great convenience to our production and garden pruning. It should be noted that garden tools need to be maintained after a period of use. This will not only extend the service life of the fruit branch shears, but also improve our efficiency and facilitate our use. How should fruit branch shears be maintained? Today we will take a brief look.
1. After the fruit pruner is used, it is best to wipe all the metal parts with oil cloth, and then spray a little anti-rust lubricant. Or use a small bucket, put sand into the oil, after each use, you can put a few times in the sand to polish the fruit branch shears.
2. Pay attention to frequently sharpening the cutting edge of the fruit pruner during the period of use, to ensure that the fruit pruner is sharp, and store it in a special cloth bag or tool box for convenient use next time.
3. After the pruning shears are cleaned up, dry or dry the water on the pruning shears and then put them away. The pruning shears that have been stained with chemicals must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid corrosion of metal parts.
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